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No nicotine, no caffeine?!!! - Day 4

I've been a massive coffee drinker since my late teens. I noticed today at work that in addition quitting smoking, I accidentally bought decaf coffee from the supermarket and have been drinking it for the past week without realising. Probably made myself feel even MORE irritable than I would have been.

Away from that, not felt too bad all in all. Ive gone cold turkey, so no nicotine in my system.

I have been noticing smokers everywhere when I otherwise wouldn't have

Any I've had massive cravings for steak, curry and fish & chips & pizza etc. I suppose its a dopamine thing, but its less than helpful!

Onwards and upwards!

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I stopped drinking coffee on the first 3 weeks because stop smoking changed my sleeping patterns and I was having a hard time sleeping during the night. green tea is the best for the first weeks - I hate it - green tea helps a lot with the digestion and I found it to be very helpfull since when I quit I was eating like a "luni"


Wow how well your doing, amazing, don't think I could cope without my coffee, totally addicted.need to sort that out I think.

Doing so very well, I know what you mean food wise, appetite just seems to go off the scale, at least you can diet later.

Doing brilliant, go on have a little treat


Congrats friend! 4 day, 4th step in new life! I bet you feel really proud and you should! Focus on that!


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