My six weeks

I'm not posting or commenting as much as usual as I'm out of the country for a while and it's difficult (expensive!) to get internet access. Friday the 17th, 6:00pm is my reaching 6 weeks point. I'm in the U.S and there really are not many people smoking, so that's a help. I've reduced the champix by half so I can stretch out taking it for longer. I am so concerned that I will relapse when I stop the champix completely, as happened the last two times. I suppose I'm thinking that I'm now going to go through those psychological withdrawals more intensely and that I won't deal with them. Although, this is not the reality. At this time I'm not smoking, I don't really want to smoke and it would be self sabotage if I did smoke.

I'm just entering week 3 of the 5k Runner, and I have to say that for now, I'm doing well and want to keep that up. I think that doing this is the motivation to keep me smoke free at this time. I know if I smoked again that would be the end of the running. It's hard enough when not smoking!

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  • Hya from the other side of the pond, please don't let the last to attempts affect this quit, it's a mental thing, you think you will fail, so you will, think I,m not going to fail, and for now I can say, if you can get through day one, you can get through day two and so on.

    Nice of you to drop by, keep us posted .

  • I need you so no relapse please, we are room mates and we need to win this race together.

  • Actually, this might just be the added spur I need. I'm imagining two thoroughbreds :0)

  • Keep running! I'm in week 6 now - it's great, I can run for 20 whole minutes without stopping! (Well, some people might call it shuffling more than running, but hey!).

    No relapse, just NOPE! xx

  • I tried the cross trainer in January and lasted about 7 mins LOL when I was 6 weeks, I was able to do 1 hour no bother...that tells it all.

  • You'll get back to it, think positive!

  • It is amazing isn't it. I'm edging towards my 5k, bit by bit, but you just cannot imagine doing it! Getting rid of the smoking and it just opens new doors.

  • walkabout, just reading your post...stay strong, like spanish says, no relapse please :) it's very frustrating to fail over & over, and the reality is if you fail, you will have to go again & again anyways because you don't want to be a smoker. try even harder and get through the next 2 weeks, I always believed you will make it and \i still believe you can...because you do not want to be a smoker!!! xxx sending you my virtual hugs :)

  • I'd just like to thank everyone for the positive comments and support. Much appreciated. I'm using NOPE a lot, in a calm way. So will see how it goes. I think I'll be okay. Someone asked me if I smoked the other day and I just matter of fact-like said I don't. And that was it! No 'oh, I've just stopped' or 'I'm quitting' or 'It's hard'. That is very good news!

  • Great to hear walkabout, keep it up and enjoy the rest of your holiday

  • Thanks very much Starting Life. I'll do my best.

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