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Late introduction!

Hi! It has been 23 days now, I have received the most amazing support from the members of this forum and I feel I havent properly introduced myself. Now that things are a bit easier I will. My name is Antonis and I am from Greece. I live in Crete and although in the heart of the mediterranean cuisine, I am getting bigger every day now that smoking is past!

I really want to thank you guys for your support. This has been the hardest period (but also sweet in many ways) and reading your replies often made me sentimental. And armoured. Thank you again for ever...

I would also like to impart some of this support to all the people who read this and really struggle with the withdrawal. Protect your quit with your life...its the hardest thing ever but also the greatest. When in agony I imagine myself in an empty room, as if I am not that person, and I watch my poor self struggling and from up above where I watch, I cheer like crazy for that person to win. Does ot make any sense? I dont know, for me, this image in my mind made my will an iron.

Anyway be strong, happy, and patient. And again, so so so grateful...thank you...

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Hey 23 days is huge, very well done my friend. It is without doubt a fact that, what we feel internally is not what people see externally, so while were enduring a terrible fight inside with mr NICO, in time that fight will go, until one sunny day you awake, and all day you haven't thought of smoking, your well on your way, nearly four weeks.

Fantastic,but please post if you do struggle, we have a little rule, if urges get to bad, post on here wait for three replies, and then decide if you want to smoke, it helps.

Brilliant and well done you


Thank you Tracey! You have been extremely supportive...thank you!


Antonis that's a great post :)

I've been a big believer in cheering myself on too, you summed that up really well.

Really pleased you're doing so well - your days seem to be flying by - 23 already! Fabulous, well done. Keep it up :) xx


Hi Antonis ☺ Really nice to meet you. I LOVE the idea of imagining yourself in two halves and cheering yourself on. Keep up the good work!


Well congratulations on such a strong quit antonis, and with a will like an iron there is no stopping you now!

Keep up the momentum


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