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Day 61

I thought I would be feeling a lot better by now - but I still have no ability to set my mind to anything. I suppose a cigarette would have been my reward for finishing a job. Some reward - sitting in my garage on my own smoking! Seems ridiculous! Have these feelings of panic and I think its actually making me quite isolated and depressed. I'm fine at work - plenty of people around and I never smoked at work anyway. Unfortunately I don't work every day so I'm at home a lot. Housework isn't getting done and half the time I can t be bothered to cook for myself. And that last cigarette of the night, marking going to bed time: now I sit up till all hours, napping on the sofa, so then I'm always tired in the morning. Sorry for such a moaning post, just really struggling.

The upside is I don't stink, neither do my clothes or the garage, if I give a little cough it no longer has that crackly sound that marks out a smoker ... and I'm not seeing an extra £9 odd being handed over when all I needed was a carton of milk.

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Oh so sorry your feeling a tad rotten right now. You moan away all you like as long as you don't smoke .

Quitting smoking may not be the whole reason your feeling down, that said, some people do get a little down when quitting, it's almost like your resolve has gone .

But it have marvellous news, it will pass, a mighty achievement 61 days is fantastic, shows how much strength you have.

For me it was around the three month mark, befor I sort of felt ok, but the rewards are great, you will feel better.

Be proud, your doing amazing


I'm so sorry Chickweed. You're nearly there, you know - focus on those upsides, they're really worth celebrating.

I'm sure that Tracey's right, and it will pass. Maybe book a check-up with the dr though, if you're really feeling down? You do sound glum :(

But we're all rooting for you, and never forget how far you've come and how amazing you are to come this far!


Sorry guys! Just ignore - my ramblings belonged in the category of writing things down to 'get it all out', and then deleting. Certainly didn't belong on here!


Oh no better place than here, to get you through a difficult pTch.

So hope today is a little better


I agree with Tracey, Chickweed. This is a good place to get things off your chest, and you can confidently bet that there are people who have similar feeling on here to those you've just expressed. Changing from seeing cigarettes as a reward, a pleasure to the truth that it's neither is a big move to make. I can empathise with you about not getting things done, especially my own things. But I'm slowly improving in that respect. Reward yourself by having a good night's sleep and a little lie in on waking to prepare yourself for the coming day. I do the latter as it helps me gather my thoughts towards another smoke-free day. Hard, but I manage it.

And congratulations on Day 61. Great going.


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