Newbie on day 22

Hi all, hopefully this is now in the welcome zone, not that fab with this sort of thing!!!! - thank you for those of you that replied to me earlier. I am on day 22 of my quit, initially on Champix, but the course finished last Monday, so now going solo. Things weren't too bad until the long weekend, with no structure (work) to my day I have really struggled to keep my head above water. I am hoping that i can steal or borrow some of the inspiration shown on here, you are all so supportive of each other and offer good advice to keep people going with thier quits. I did quit this time last year to day 24 and then gave in to the constant nagging in my head!! !Eek, It has taken me a full year to have another go, but this time I know that I don't want to have to go back to day one again, so stick to it i must. Thank you for reading

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  • This time we have to make it your forever quit, can't go another year for another attempt! :) massive congratulations on day 22, I know how hard it can be :) x

  • Day 22 is far too long a time to go back. Probably the first long weekend of your quit triggered your craves but you got through so well done. NOPE is a good mantra for all of us. I repeat it over and over whenever I'm tempted.

  • Thank you for the replies :) Day 22 most certainly is too far to come to give it up again, I have seen the NOPE mantra and will adopt for the foreseeable future. Hope you are both well and winning with your quits. x

  • Woohoo pannuk, 22 days is awesome! NOPE really does work - I used to chant it a lot, but don't need to so much now. Nice to meet you, and wishing you all the very best with your quit :)

  • Hi Pannuk

    I am here most days in the month two room. Plodding along nicely with all the support in here. Great going so far for you. Hope posting and reading helps you to keep moving forward too. X

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