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60 days down. A lifetime to go.


And what a life it will be!!! No more slavery to the nicodemon. I'd say that's a winner.

Anyway, I'm going to celebrate my 60 days today. I feel good. OK, truth be known, I feel that mother nature has some kind of grudge against all of us on the east coast of Canada, almost 3 meters of snow in the last 3 weeks. I mean, come on, any more snow and we'll be truly immobilised.

Anybody want a free snow fort kit? Or a snowman kit, I have those too. It will need some assembly but it is just lying around the yard and I just want it gone.

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Congratulations on 60 days, that's amazing! I will happily take some snow, maybe not 3 meters but enough for sledging! Xx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Congrats, 60 days is fantastic. Keep on keeping on!

Imagine the stress if you were still a smoker and got snowed in without a good supply of cigarettes!

Over two months done Keith, nice work! I am a snow addict so I would actually relish 3 meters of snow, stick a stew on in the morning then up the golf course for sledging all day, and coming home to hot chocolate and marshmallows, wonderful! X

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