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Wow, day40!

Wow, I cannot believe it, I've moved into month two!

I stopped counting days there, so just tallied up and discovered I needed to pack up and move to month two! Delighted with my self, eh there's no praise like self praise ;-)

I've been off the patches for a couple of weeks now but still using the lozengers but I'm happy enough and doing well so that's all good.

Hope everyone's doing good x

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Good to hear Mrs!

40 days in so far, there is no reason why this shouldn't be the lifetime quit.

There is a misquoted, but nevertheless really good saying, which is "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it".

Look back on why you failed before & what made you smoke again. Recognise and avoid the situations which led up to previous failures.

The one thing all successful and long term quitters have in common is that they stuck (and stay stuck) to NOPE and believed it would get better. If and when some intense craves come, or situations seem unbearable without a smoke, you have to believe it will be worth it to fight your way through without lighting up.

You've relapsed and gone back to smoking several times now, has it made anything any better?

I know you want to quit badly, you just need to want It even more badly to really make it happen. You don't need to smoke again, NOPE, NOPE, NOPE!


So glad to see this hun, well done to you xxxx


Thanks Captain and Donna, my motto this time is definitely NOPE. One puff just leads right into the nasty pit of despair!


Quality mrs M, keep it up


Well done Mrs Mash and welcome to your new room, I will squeeze up a bit. Its surprising how quickly the time goes.... and NOPE has to be the only way to go


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