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No Smoking Day
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yay i am in the day 4-7 section!

Evening all. was having a bit of a wobble esp with it being friday night and all but just saw that i can post in day 4-7 so that's cheered me up! Got some spa vouchers today from hubby so looking forward to going without needed to hide my shame of nipping out for a fag! How is everyone else doing? Any big plans for the weekend? xxx

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Great to see you on Day 4 Chloe, it won't be long before your first week is over :)

Have a great time at the Spa, just think, after all that pampering you won't smell of fags after it all :)

I don't know if you're planning a drink, but I've seen lots of quits lost on here after alcohol consumption :p

Protect your quit at the start, it will save you having to go through the first week over and over :)


Good job there Chloe, keep It going flower xx


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