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And I am here again!

Hello guys! This website was really useful last time I tried to quit smoking so I am back to try again!

After only 2 weeks after quitting the last time, I thought that I didn't need to do this anymore...

And obviously I was wrong.

I am 22 and have been smoking since I was 16. I need to stop for good now.

I am enslaved to nicotine! And I really need to delete it out of my life.

It is effecting my energy levels more than anything... and I constantly have a cold.

Now I really need some support. The amount of times I have tried to quit... it has just ruined my confidence. It makes me think that I can't do it at all.

So this is my Day 1 :) Hope I can pull myself together this time!

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Welcome back Jacqui, glad to see you trying again :)

A lot of people make the mistake you made, they've smoked for years but think they can crack a quit in weeks! Almost without exception, the most successful quitters I've seen on here are those that post every day. Even if things are going well, they post to let everybody know. It keeps them close to the forum (and help if needed) and also helps to motivate others.

You can do this, look at all the long term quitters just on this forum. Most, if not all, thought they couldn't do it either, but they did! :)

Drink lots of water, eat if you have to, excercise if you can and most of all, this time around post every day, all the way to your one year mark as you enter the Penthouse :)


Hi, don't do what I did and leave it 6 years...good luck you sound very determined which is half the battle x


There are a lot of us here who went through numerous failed quit attempts before finally making it. Yours truly, now four weeks away from a year smoke free went through numerous failures. You have to look on those failed attempts as practise runs. Sooner or later, it'll feel right, you'll know it when that happens. Good luck to you.


Don't kick yourself too much, it's all part of the process. :D


Hi Jacqui, welcome back :) lets hope this is the one for you, there will be plenty of support if you need it xx


Welcome, Im at 3 weeks now, I'm 27 and decided enough was enough so good on you.. First few days were hard for me but reading this forum seemed to focus my mind.


Where are you Jacqui, it would be good to hear from you :)


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