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Doomsday - what would you do?


As a child of the seventies, I grew up, as many [the majority] of us did, in a smoking household. Thankfully, Mum & Dad are still going strong - Mum quit 25 years ago and Dad 12 years ago.

I was totally shocked recently when my Dad said 'of course, if I was told I was dying in any case, I would start smoking again tomorrow' - having gone through the pain of quitting, and lived very happily without the dreaded weed for 12 years, some little part of him still wants to go back. A heated discussion ensued - I found it hard to believe he felt like this.

SO - the doomsday scenario... if The Hitchhiker's Guide were to come true, and you suddenly discover the earth is to be demolished to make way for an intergalactic highway (i.e. you're going to die come what may) what would YOU do? I know I absolutely would NOT smoke again - are you with me, or my Dad (the silly old fool:))??

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I'm with your dad on this one but then again I've only been quit 4 months. Scares me to think that after all those years of giving up that anyone would want to. I'm intrigued!

But then again if you are dying and you want a little of what you fancy why not? Think the question really is does the craving ever go away for some? X

Clearly. Obviously. Your dad is a mental case :-)

I would definitely not reach for the fags. I think Dolores is right. 4 months in to my quit and I would have been running to the newsagents but not now. Maybe that's why the penthouse is a year, it gives your brain time to totally dispel the myth that smoking is any kind of pleasure.

had a similar question asked before i used to say yes when i was early in my quit and i still believed that smoking was something that i enjoyed :eek:

but the answer is no now i would rather spend the time left with the people that mean the most to me then having to go outside to smoke

There would be a lot that I would want to do but smoking is not one of them

Not sure tbh - it would depend on how long I had. If I had only few months, I'd smoke again in a heartbeat, but, if I had longer than that, I'd stay stopped - what a weird thing addiction is?????

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