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No Smoking Day
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hmmm day 2

Ok, so not as confident as yesterday but when i crave i keep trying to break it down and really think, do i want to smoke that stinky stick or do i just want the butterfly aching feeling in my tummy to go. So far i have won the battle and are trying to embrace the feeling, after all my body is healing and i want to feel this.

Back to work tomorrow after 3 days off with flu, hoping being busy will help xxx

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Keep going, in 24 hours the nicotine will be out of your system! I found breaking it down to getting through one hour a time helped, so did cough candies. You are doing so well, keep going x


I know that last time putting on weight was a worry for you Chloe, but the truth is that most people tend to eat more when they quit.

Now, you can choose to eat more, but healthily, eat more and start exercising to offset it, or eat more and worry about losing weight at a later date.

Water is a very good stomach filler, is good for your skin and helps flush toxins out.


Ah bless you are doing so ver well, this is not easy, but it can say it does indeed become easier and easier,

So hoping your on the mend, keep going


Thanks everyone, its been a crappy day but nearly at 48hrs. Just cant seem to stop thinking about it all the time. Just brought a juicer so going to try and make that my new obsession! Xx


Hi Chloe, good on you for pushing through as Teflon said I'm sure you will feel brilliant day for having done it, can I recommend a lovely smoothie? Pineapple mango banana and coconut water with lots of ice all whizzed up, blooming lovely :) xx


Well done Chloe, your doing great fighting through those craves. Just think its the woes of the lil monster screaming in his hour of need, much like a little child kicking and screaming whenever he/she does get what they want! Laugh him down chick!

You can win this war!!

Aww Donna, that smoothie sounds amazing, I'm going to give it a try, always wanted to give coconut water a try and this sounds like a great combination!


Hello. Just a question, where do i find coconut water? Sounds lush! X


I don't know if it's the same thing but I drink coconut milk... From any supermarket


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