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Update. So come join our club, new quitters


Well for me , I won't say it's been a easy ride, with all the hurdle life has thrown at me this year!! However I,m still quit, those early posts with rapid words of wisdom kept me going, I,m still going, I can honestly say I can't believe that's me, but me it is, feeling quite chuffed with my self may I say.

But this forum has and always will be my resolve, in staying quit.

The advice , support never failed,, that kept me going.

The practicalities in the early days, well just to much to mention, but now it's so true I don't have those intense urges, ( that you think will never go) or the early morning craves.

So for those who have supported me, I can truly say it's kept my quit intact.

So you can quit to, you really can,

Thank you all

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So happy to see you so resolved Tracey your posts most certainly inspire those behind you that are either just starting out or thinking about quitting

onwards and upwards is the only way to go

plus never ever give up on giving up even in the darkest of times there is a corner coming up you just cant see it yet as its just on a curve

sending love and hugs your way sweet lady xx

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