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Day 41


I haven't posted on here for two or tree weeks but i'm pleased to stay i am still going :)

Today was my last day on patches. I did two weeks on each of high, med and low strenth and I feel ready to cope without them now. The weekend just gone was a big test seeing a group of friends who are mostly smokers, but I survived. My big worry was that social situations like that would break me so that was an important hurdle.

Any other new years quitters still about?

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30th dec for me and going stronger each day

Wow , doing so fantastic with a good plan in place, but no rush on the patch if you feel a tad uncomfy, stay on slightly longer.

Great all is going well, and your in control, huge well done.

Please keep us updated, have a happy smoke free day

I haven't posted on here for two or tree weeks...

Tree weeks? Are you Irish tp? :)

You're doing great and it would be nice to see you post regularly, people seem to do so much better when they stick close to the forum during the first few months.

Keep it going, the 2 month milestone is on the horizon :)

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