No Smoking Day
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Just turned 40 and checking in

Hi all. Just wanted to say I am still here, not posted much as have been really busy, doing lots of things with family and friends and working hard. Not wanted a cig at all, hardly even thought about it. Went out for a work meal last week and watched the smokers shivering outside, was shocked at how often they went out, I didn't ever smoke that much thankfully, and none is even better! :D:)

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Way to go, and oh so fab, when we realise we just don't need or want to smoke!!!!

Blooming fantastic



Many happy returns and HUGE congratulations. Isn't it going to be fun to say- nonchalently- 'Oh, I gave up smoking when I was still in my 30's...' ;)

You can see the Penthouse lights now and it isn't going to be long at all before we're all cheering you homewards. May the next few months race past. :)


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