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Day 18 - detached


Hello first time posting here although been following the forums . I'm on day 18 and up until now ive sailed through apart from very spotty face !! But yesterday I started to feel strange as if detached from rest of what's going on . Normally active but zero energy and everything seems to taking a while to sink in !! Everything is getting on my nerves my poor kids are getting it in the neck how long does this last !! I'm on patches

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Welcome Kilkenny, and doing very well indeed, feeling quite exhausted is some times a side effect of quitting the demo stick, but I can say it will pass,

Quitting also means mind games at times, but hold tight, it will get better.

Doing brilliant

So look forward to your future posts

Sending luck your way and again a warm welcome from me.

A big welcome to the forum from me too Kilkenny. Very glad you've 'dunlurkin' and started posting. :D

Many congratulations on your 18 nic-free days. I don't think it is anything to worry about- our bodies can exhibit all sorts of strange effects when we quit and it can take months for things to settle down properly- but as Tea says, it's always worth getting checked out just for peace of mind.

I do hope you'll stick around now you've taken the plunge. I shall look forward to hearing more about your journey to permanent freedom and getting to know you better. :)

Thank you so much for quick replies this site is so helpful . Not giving in . Will update often. Xxx

Good luck, feeling tied is a common symptom, I remember being knackered on and off with the quit and work for a long spells.

Just a thought, maybe reduce your patch strength a tad, it may help xx

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