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my weekend

So my weekend went as expected, did the indoor skydiving which I would recommend to anyone... but the simulation base jump was scary, basically jumping off the top of the skydiving tunnel.

Didn't help that it was freezing and so windy up there!! Anyway I survived, and had lively meal, and managed to get the car done today, with another run.... one step closer to thr half marathon. Have eaten so healthy which I was not doing when I was smoking, and am getting compliments from my oh on how nice I smell, which makes a change lol. Hopefully get the house soon, looked at several others, lost 2 more but waiting to hear on our dream one tomorrow.

Cant wait to hear the news and enjoy another week of being smoke free. Does anybody live in wrexham or Manchester, thinking of booking to see matt cardle live for my oh birthday in may?

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Yeah I think it was because I used to always smoke that quick one. It is true that I am always on the go.... However now I can start to push myself... shame it has come 20 years late but better late than never I suppose.

Tomorrow will be the third day in a row I will wake up before the alarms (which is almost annoying as parents who take screaming babies on planes) waiting for the news. Wish me luck


Just reading the skydiving antics has made me anxious !!! I am a real scaredy cat but full of admiration for you. Well done on your quit, you are doing so well. I agree with Kat in that whatever house you end up with is meant to be, keeping everything crossed for you. I like Matt cardle and if I ever hear him sing 'the 1st time ever I saw your face' I cry my eyes out (I am a total wimp) xx

Reply're SO brave Start! OH has done a couple of parachute jumps but I draw the line at sky diving in any form. Climbing mountains is one thing- throwing myself off perfectly good bits of solid ground is quite another. Very glad to hear you enjoyed it (in part at least) though- I can imagine the adrenalin rush must be mighty :D

Sounds like we're both in reasonable fettle for the half marathon- we shall have to try to link up at some point. My joining pack turned up the other day- I'm number 1400 (pink) if that's any help.... as Tea says, someone mentioned a while back that the Nags Head (on the corner of Russell Street) gives out free plastic cups of beer to passing runners on half marathon day. I might have to take them up on that whilst passing!

Anyway, you're not half doing well on your quit Start! Many congratulations from me. :)


Cheers.... what time did you put in to start? I did 2 hours but I think was way over optimistic as not long enough to get myself in a good enough condition for that time. Git some competition though as just found out my sister did 10 miles this morning in an hiur and a half, then went to work! Yeah would be great to meet up on the day. I will let you know my number when I see it. Don't know if I could have a pint mind... not sure if that would be a good thing, mind you will def have one after!!

Will you be parking there? All the parking was full when I tried so I think there are shuttle buses from town to the event so will prob do that.


Oh and yeah the adrenaline rush was crazy, still Buzzing now from it!!


Morning Start :D

Yes, it would be a pint too far wouldn't it? I think the beer comes in very small 'medicine cups' but none the less.

Blimey- your sister is doing well isn't she? I'm not aiming for a fast time and estimated 2 1/2 hours to finish. I may be a wee bit faster than that but on a test run I timed at 2.20 (albeit across country) so that's the general ball park I think. I'm going to catch the shuttle bus from the station too so perhaps we can meet up at some point before the race. Keep me posted anyway...

All the best to you in the house search by the way :)


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