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Day 33 YUK

Hi all,

My app tells me I'm on day 33 and 19 hours which seems to have flown. Luckily in the passed 33 days I've had pretty much zero cravings but seemed to have acquired every bug going. I honestly felt better when I was smoking and was hardly ever sick, developed tonsillitus now which I haven't had since I was like 10, hope these antibiotics sort this out and things start looking up.

Guess quitting after 10 years wasn't going to be plain sailing, do find it weird though how so many quitters I know get ill after they stop. Oh well onwards and upwards....hope all the other recent quitters are havin. Better time of it.

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Hi Paul,

Well done on your 33 days mate! That's mighty :D

Sorry you're feeling pants. However, it's perfectly normal (more's the pity). I had cold after cold for the first 5 months after quitting and like you, prior to quitting I was very rarely ill. According to my GP it's because when we quit, our immune systems effectively have to re-boot (and it takes up to a year for everything to settle down). You will come out the other side I promise.

In the meantime, just keep telling yourself this is all part of your body healing itself and is actually a Good Thing however annoying it feels at present :rolleyes:.

All the best to you and may you be 100% better very soon. :)


Over a month done already, really well done. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Paul, well done on the quit mate going great. Can I recommend the Berocca supplement tablets, I used them early on in my quit and they did seem to make a difference.


Oh I so know what you mean re feeling truly pants, but it gets better, so I,m sending positive thoughts your way willing you on.

Doing a grand job



Another 20 days on, day 54....still a lot of ups and downs going off. One think that is loads better is my breathing though, feels great. Anxiety and other parts of me not great, bunged up, dry mouth etc....had a few dreams about smoking last week which was a first. I've still got absolute no cravings, but in the past I've had one to see if it makes me feel normal again even though I didn't want one. Not quite at that stage though...

First 1/2 marathon of the year on Sunday, this time last year I had a cig or two driving to the start crazy is that. My time better has improved otherwise I'm having a fag the moment I finish...haha


I'm tipping my hat to you Paul, good luck on Sunday, but you say the first of the year! How many are you planning to do?

You've nearly completed 2 months and you have earned the right to move into the 2 month room, although in a few days, as you start month 3, you'll be in the 3 month room :)

Don't crack and have even a crafty drag now, anyone who can run that far must be made of strong enough stuff not to be beaten by a plant :cool:


Hi all, quit still going strong. Few of my initial symptoms seem to have calmed down now. Although my breathing and chest seem to having the bare the brunt of this quit now. 6 months in and my chest hasn't been great for the last few weeks. Been doing a lot of coughing and bringing up phlegm (sorry for description). I'm hoping this is another process of the quitting that won't last too long. I had been expecting my lungs to start trying to clear some of the crap out at some point....

The best news however is it is making me hate smoking even more with everyday and the chances of me having one is about zero currently. Although with a holiday to Portugal booked that may change and the will power may be called upon again...


Half way to the penthouse, it will only get better I so hope your on the mend soon.

Great news


Congratulations on your 6 months. I'm coming up to three and was getting concerned about my lungs seemingly getting tighter, breath difficult to catch. So reassuring that this is an effect others have. I haven't started coughing up anything and I'm surprised as I was 20 a day for most of the last 40 years.


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