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Glad to be heading into Day 4 but possible Champix Panic on the horizon

Was a tough day today. Managed to fall out with Mrs LBP around 10am and stayed pee'd off until well after tea time. This sort of day would normally see me roasting through a pouch of baccy so was happy to get home tonight and put the little one to bed (which means I cant leave her alone to sneak out and buy the filth i'm quitting). As it is i've made up with the Mrs and at 10.45pm can safe;y say day 3 complete.

Problem tomorrow is that I only have 1 pill left!!! (In fact I only have that one because i missed a night in the first week). I went to my chemist today for weekly pow wow with health bod as arranged but she hadn't ordered my next script. She rekons it could be saturday before they come in. If they don't then i'm facing 3 days without. Has anyone out there gone a day or three without the little blue fella's. Will my champix force field cease to work???

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Hey Kat thanks for taking the time, I feel I could do a day without them and knowing my system should be without nicotine gives me confidence but I will do as you say and asks her to start on a plan b, She actually said in my meeting last week that she would order them I guess she must have had a busy week. Anyway I'm gonna break up my last bean and ration it so I can keep a bit going in the old tank. if nothing else it's a good challenge for the weekend.

thanks again 🚭


Fallouts with partners can be part and parcel of quitting for some of us so well done you for getting through it. One good tip is to sip ice cold water through the day and I am unsure why this works but it does and it takes the edge off. Also sucking boiled sweets goes down a treat. A huge well done.


Honestly- you'd think they could have pulled their fingers out with a bit more diligence wouldn't you? Especially as it was their mistake. :rolleyes:

I wasn't a Champix quitter, LBP, but I am sure the others are right- there'll be sufficient in your system to tide you over until Saturday. I think Tea's suggestion to indulge yourself a bit today is a good one and may I send you a virtual slap on the back for having survived the Dreaded Day Three despite the row with Mrs LBP? That's mighty! (glad you've kissed and made up by the way :)).

May your Day Four be a good one despite the lack of Champix.


Haha, I've made it through day 4 with no drama. Chamix arrived around 4pm so I guess I was over doing it with the panic. Thank you all for the support it really does help. I actually look forward to reporting a win on the forum at the end of eacch day. Bring on day 5, I'm ready.


Nice one LBP :D

Welcome to Day Five and may it be crave-free for you. :)


Pleased to hear your champix arrived. Hope Day 5 is going well for you.


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