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Just checking in

Hi Folks, just checking in. Nearly at the end of day 3. Have had my moments but I know this is what I want and theres no just one.

Got some bad news last night, my aunty has been diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, she gave up smoking years ago which scared the shit outta me if I'm honest. I was over to visit her a few months ago and she was well so its a shock.

Thinking selfishly but now I worry what if I've done to damage already but I need to turn those thoughts around and look after my health and ensure I don't put another cancer stick in my mouth ever again.

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Well done on the end of your third day already, the time will start flying by in no time!


Hello Mrs M, such a sad situation for you and yours, you can't do anything better than quit, and your doing that, just keep pushing on, before you know it a week will have passed, I've said this before , but people will be watching wishing they could do what your doing.

Doing brilliant


Keep going Mrs Mash, you're doing brilliantly. Sorry to hear about your Aunt x


Morning Mrs M

Sorry to hear about your Auntie :( but as Kat says, it doesn't always go together. My friend's father had a lifestyle that was about as healthy as it is possible to be but he still died young of cancer. You just concentrate on your quit because I'll bet it'll make your Auntie proud as punch of you.

Well done on hanging on in there. This is definitely going to be your year. :)


Sorry to hear about your aunty. But well done on your quit so far.


Thanks everyone xx


Well done Mrs Mash xx


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