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Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am currently on day 15 of Champix and really struggling :( i have not had a cigarette for a week but i constantly crave one. Was told that champix would stop this but currently it is my will power that is stopping me and i am not sure how much more it can hold out. I have tried numerous times to quit. First time i managed 2 years smoke free then caved and last time i managed 6 weeks both times using practically every patch,lozenge,inhalator going! My husband has decided to give up as well and is on day 2 of patches and inhalator and is very grumpy at least i am trying to keep smiling. :)

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Hi Impy and welcome to the forum. I have no experience of champix but I'm sure somebody who has will be along soon. Well done on two smoke free years, that's a great achievement so you know you can get through these difficult early days. I had really bad cravings and still get them although as time passes they are getting fewer and I'm better able to cope with them. Just take it a day at a time, or even an hour if you need to. This forum is great and everybody here is so helpful & supportive. Wishing you and your husband the very best of luck.


Evening Impy and welcome to the forum from me too :D

Whilst your OH nay be grumpy, I expect it will ultimately help that the two of you have quit together. You can provide each other with moral support and hopefully, your less good days (;)) won't coincide too often.

It's not easy at first whatever quiit method you use and I expect one of the Champix quitters will be along soon to give you some advice but the main thing is here you are, already with a week under your belt and with every intention of making that two weeks (and then a month, and then the sky is the limit :)). Hold on Impy and the difficult times will pass- I promise.

I shall look forward to hearing how it is all going and many congratulations from me for doing so well.


Hi Impy. In general they recommend stopping smoking under Champix on Day 15, and coming off it after three months. maybe you stopped too soon?


Hello Impy,

Good luck with your quit, I hope you and your OH stay strong and kick the habit. Good luck my friend.


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