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Brushing teeth

Anyone noticed that they are more likely to want to brush their teeth More regularly since quitting? I sometimes used to skip it because smoking made me a bit bunged up in the morning (not to mention the cough), and I'd sometimes gag when putting a toothbrush in my mouth. I suppose it is like brushing your teeth when you have a cold - yuck (or maybe that's just me).

Anyway, the dentist at my check up said my teeth were fine, and I went to the hygienist and now they are a lot whiter! I've even bought some of those interdental brushes.

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Yeah - the coffee and beer don't help though. ;)


LOL!! :)

I've been thinking of saving up to get mine professionally whitened but always seem to find something else to spend the money on. I did treat myself to an electric toothbrush when I quit though. I certainly noticed the difference in my teeth and gums generally very soon after quitting- a lovely feeling actually.


Yes, 200 quid my dentists quoted for some gel and a template. I recommend a polishing, though - my teeth are much whiter at the top after that. I think it cost about £35.


Hi Graham,

I generally get a 'spit & polish' from the hygenist at my dental practise twice a year and since I quit I've certainly noticed the difference.

My dentist quoted £300 for whitening all my teeth which isn't too bad I suppose. I may save up and have it done sometime next year. Or there again....:)


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