Wow! I am happy to see so many familiar names still here! I have been wanting to check in for some time and send out a big THANKS to all of the support this group gave me during the many tough months and challenges that come along with kicking the nicotine habit. I also wanted to give myself the treat of being able to post in the Penthouse! I earned it! I am 1 year 6 months smoke free! Not one puff!!!! It's funny....people used to say they would have dreams about smoking and I never did until I hit my one year mark. Once in awhile I have a dream that I smoke a cigarette - and I am soooo mad and disappointed in myself. In my dream I think... Are you kidding me??? Now I have to start all over! Then I wake up, realize it was a nightmare and am so grateful to still be smoke free. I do still think about smoking more often then I should. Hopefully I will continue to be strong enough to never pick up a cigarette again. I think those nightmares keep me honest. I know I would not have been able to get through the first few months without this group - thank you again!! You guys very well might have saved my life! :D

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  • Max you are doing outstanding too!!!!! AND I think it is awesome that you are still helping everyone get through it all! :)

  • Huge congratulations from me too, Melzee- 18 months is a fantastic achievement. Speaking from the perspective of someone who is very close to knocking on the Penthouse door it is lovely to know that nic-free life continues in the lands beyond. Thanks for coming back to share and once again, well done on your mighty 18 month quit. :)

  • Lovely post Melzee, well done on 18 months smoke free - that's brilliant. :)

  • Hi Melzee, I'm quite new here but wanted to say congratulations on 18 smoke free months. Always good to read posts like yours proving it can be done.

  • Congratulations Melzee on 18months quit, that takes some serious willpower and determination good on you :cool:

  • Thanks Everyone!!!! Feels good to be here!! Sally A - It can be done - don't ever doubt that!!! I smoked for 27 years - about a pack a day and quit cold turkey. Even though my world was an emotional roller coaster for a few months - I got through it - And so can you! Hang in there everyone - better breathing and better tasting food is in your future!

  • Congrats!!! I'm so happy for you. I was wondering what had happened to you but I'm glad you managed to stay quit. Great to see you back here!

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