Week 5 done!

Beginnings of week 6 tomorrow. Taking vitamin B complex everyday (I find that helps with moods, anxiety etc) and dropped the patch to the next step down. Although I would still LOVE a cigarette that isn't going to happen and the mind is stronger everyday. This is definitely the best thing I have ever done. It really does get easier little by little. Keep telling yourself you are a non smoker and you do start to believe it. I hope there are no nasty surprises but ready if there are! This really can be done! 😀

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  • Yes it's true it really can be done and by the sounds of it you are going to do it :)

    Keep it up :)

  • Dolores, you're positively shining with determination and I don't think I need a crystal ball to predict that in a little over 10 months you'll be romping home to the Penthouse. Keep that spirit up and nothing on earth can derail you no matter how loud Nic shouts at you. Well done girl!! :D

  • Excellent, well done. I suspect if you have a cigarette now it would taste like someone emptied a week old ash tray into your mouth. Maybe keep that image in mind!

  • Thanks everyone. Was so nervous going down on the patches but really can't tell any difference at all. One more drop to do and then cold turkey for me :)

  • Congratulations Dolores on five weeks and also your amazingly positive approach to quitting.

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