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Day 140, yey!

Hi peeps,

Just thought I would drop by and say hello from me and Boo. The days are ticking by, and it is getting easier as time passes. I don't often have cravings anymore now, and rarely think about smoking, although chocolate is still an issue, haha. Will deal with that after Christmas I'm thinking :/

Anyway, hope everyone is doing ok, will stop by again soon. Keep going, hour by hour, day by day, week by week :) x

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Congratulations on 140 days, what a great achievement!


Well done on 140 days Stacka, worry about the chocolate later, I'm dieting now that I'm further into my quit but I'm having Christmas off! :D


Stacka, you're nearly halfway home already! :D

Many congratulations from me. :)


Aw, many, many thanks for all your replies. Yep, me and Boo get all over, although we are a bit limited at the minute as when I've finished work its dark :( She has got amazing ears, when it's windy she looks like she is gonna take off, haha :)

I just want you all to know how invaluable you all are, as I've said before I don't comment often but am generally lurking.... and reading the comments and other people's experiences has got me through some tough craves, so thank you all :D


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