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No Smoking Day
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A Good Day At Last!

It seems like its taken a long time coming (even though its only 10 days) but today has been so much better. The cravings for cigarettes were getting so bad & so frequent I was getting seriously worried that I would give in.

I've absolutely idea why but today I've barely thought about my horrible habit. It is a huge relief that I have had an easier day and I am making the most of it as I know there will still be days ahead which will take every bit of willpower I have not to give in.

Thank you all - this forum is a big reason I'm still here and haven't given up.

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Well done Sally. You're going to get more and more and more good days!


You deserved a good day, Sally, and I will keep everything crossed that it proves to be a good weekend for you. :)

As Ets says, it won't be long now before the good days start to outweigh the bad days and before you know it, the bad days will be the exception rather than the rule (eventually they will be but a distant memory).

Well done for hanging on in there. It isn't easy by a long chalk, but once you're through this you can look back and admire your mighty achievement in the sure & certain knowledge you'll never have to go through it ever, ever again. :D


Glad to hear you are having a better day Sally you deserve it going great guns now xxx


Let's hope the worst of the craves are behind you!!!! But you've been putting all the hard work in, and hopefully a easier ride ahead.

As time passes thoughts of smoking do become less, doing a fantastic job.



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