No Smoking Day
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October 28

all day i kept thinking why is that date familar why does it seem like it should mean something :confused:

i knew it wasnt an important birthday then a couple of days later it suddenly dawned on me


it was on the 28 october 4 years ago that i quit for the final time

yes i still think about smoking and sometimes very rarely now normally its watching someone on tv smoking that a thought will pop into my head but i soon realise nah because i dont need or want one ever again

yep that word ever forever and ever again

i know thats a difficult concept to even imagine but you will get there if you join the N.O.P.E. group and become a lifetime member of

Not One Puff Ever see that word again

honestly as long as you never ever inhale you too will win the battle

i will always be an exsmoker and to an extend i have to be on my guard to not give into that nicotine monster inside that lurks but its very rare i even think about it now its not a constant thought not like it used to be and i know that being apart of this amazing place and the people has helped me to stay on course over the years

so anyone starting out i was you once i remember reading a post like this and wishing i was that person or that they must be living in a different world to me because how can you stop thinking about smoking how can you stop the craves the yearns and everything that comes to head when you decide to quit

my only advise is to take one day at a time breaking it down into minutes keep telling yourself that if you really want one you can have one later if that helps to keep that voice quiet then use every means possible to quieten it because it will get better it will become easier to distract your mind and yes you will get so far and then suddenly feel like you are back at day one again but trust me that too will pass i promise you that you just need to refocus change tactics and come on here come on here read post and read more this place and the people that come on here wilbe here for you to help you through it and in time you will start going first a day without constantly thinking of smoking and then a afew days and before you know a week or so has passed without you thinking of smoking plus you will also want to stop coming on here because coming on here reminds you of smoking but thats natural

but it wilbe here if you need help so dont be afraid to come back no one is going to have a go at you for disappearing

right ive waffled on long enough

sending love and hugs to my online extended family :) xxx

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Wow Carol, 4 years! Very well done. It doesn't actually seem possible that I will ever get to say I have not smoked for one, two, three or four years, but posts like yours help me to see that it is possible. Thank you x :)


That's fantasic Carol :D

If your post doesn't inspire a few 'wouldbe' quitters nothing will.

I think a 4 year celebratory slap-up tea is in order! :)



Ahh thanks for the lovely replies :) I look forward to offering my congratulations on your 4 year anniversaries x


4 years :) Well done. Your quit time matches my mental age :)


Congratulations on your 4th anniversary. And thank you for taking the time to encourage and support those of us who are still in the difficult early days. Reading posts like this is really helping me to keep going.


Well done Carol! I'll be joining you in just a couple of days.



Thank you so much you lovely people :)

and lovely to see you popping by Alex its always a pleasure to see you on here just wish you could pop in abit more

hint hint ;):p:D

Steel are you sure its 4? :rolleyes: hehe











ahhh thank you hun

soo good to see you posting on here i do hope all is well with you :) x


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