No Smoking Day
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3rd house fell through, and to top it off my buddy's minion xmas pjs gone missing

What a naff day,, should not be allowed survey done, guy pulled his house off the market,

Had serious problems with my throat, only to cough up a half inch splinter yesterday.

Now buddy's minion jim jam gone to Wrong store, and have now sold out.

Talk about miffed off

And I,m starving 5/2 diet diet day to day:(

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How in Brian's name did you end up with a 1/2 inch splinter in your throat?

I really don't know, have had a really bad bad throat for over a month, swabs, antibiotics two lots. Saturday I felt a severe pain at the back of my tonsils, and Monday cough cough cough, out pops a splinter, still very sore. Weird.


Blimey, Tracey, no wonder you've been coughing up blood! :eek:

You poor, poor girl....and the house sale has fallen through again....and a PJ saga too...sometimes life really has it in for you doesn't it? There's a full moon on Thursday which probably explains it.

All I can do is throw many virtual hugs your way and suggest a very self-indulgent evening. I say, a hot bath and an early night is the way to go, followed by a splendid breakfast tomorrow (being as you won't be on a fast day then).

Loads of love from me and I hope things pick up on all fronts soon. :)


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