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22 weeks

Made it to 22 weeks, though only just as on Friday night I was alone and a bit down and if I could have been bothered to walk to the shop I would have bought tobacco.

I didn't but it has made me realise I'm not out the woods by a long shot and I need to stay strong. Pleased I didn't as it would have made me feel so much worse!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone has a good week :D:D

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Hey Nicky,

happy to see you're still keeping up, despite ups and downs. Being alone and doing nothing is not so good for us, I totally get it.

We have a long way to go, but if we're being truthful, it IS easier as time goes by. It's just that when it hits us, it hits us strong.

But we can manage that, don't we? ;)


It certainly is, as is holding on & gritting your teeth when you encounter one of those 'hit the wall' moments as you did the other evening. Well done Nicky, you should be extremely proud of yourself. :)


Well done Nicky, 22 weeks is sterling work, congratulations xx


Update - 23 weeks

Hi all. I had an afternoon out drinking on Sunday for a family celebration. There were a few long term ex smokers and non smokers there who asked how I was getting on - it's wonderful to be able to say that my quit is still going strong. Not far off six months now. Looking forward to changing rooms:D


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