No Smoking Day
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Day 83

Just a check in guys.

Day 83 huh? Dead chuffed.

No real issues but painted my lounge over the weekend and that's it now. The flat has been repainted top to bottom now.

Bearly taking Champix now. Today was the first for 9 days. Feels almost like a sneak fag would have done before!!!!

My old flat mate is back tomorrow. He'll be smoking outside on this visit but I've missed my bestie!!!

Hope alls well everyone and keep going!!!

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Good to see you Phil and very glad to hear it is going so well. Aren't you doing fantastically? :D

Hmmm...clearly you need another decorating stairwell and hallway could do with a bit of a seeing to...;)


Day 83 nice going :)


Hey Phil, well done :D:D


Well done Phil sorry I missed this when you posted so by my reckoning now you are day 87 less than two weeks until triple figures, now that's really something good on ya x


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