Day 2....Getting tough

Hi all,

Well day one was hard but as I was at home it wasn't too bad. Now im back in the office Day 2 is blooming hard. So many triggers on my way in (Car, Tube, outside of office)....

Im on Champix but to be honest I don't know how much they are still craving the smoke, but im not going to give 1 was hard, day 2 is harder and im expecting tomorrow to be even harder, but im not going to start way!

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  • Yuk, the morning Champix has really made me feel sick:(

    I guess the upside is im not thinking about the weed now just concentrating on no throwing up lol....Oh man. morning Cig break.....Damn these triggers

  • Yea, sadly, im lucky if I speak to one other person the whole day here (very odd environment), thank god im only a contractor...

    It was nice looking out on the rain and knowing I don't have to go and get wet just to satisfy the evil Nico Monster.

    Sickness is passing....:D

  • Well Done That Man! :D

    Fantastic Lloyd- just keep it going. Slowly & surely things will become easier and before you know where you are, you'll be counting in months rather than hours or days.

    In the meantime, do whatever it takes. Now the nausea is passing I second Tea's suggestion of biscuits. :)

    May the remainder of the day be as easy as it possibly can be. Keep us updated won't you?

  • Hi all,

    Day is going ok. It was interesting walking past the smokers when I went to get lunch....I was inhaling more than them hehe.

    Just finished lunch and its made how you still think like a smoker. I just looked at the clock and thought right ive got a conf call with Bermuda at 1500 so I had better go down soon and have a smoke....oh...wait, I don't smoke!!!

    So hard but I know I can do it....every hour for me is a mini victory.

  • So hard but I know I can do it....every hour for me is a mini victory.

    Lloyd, never was a truer sentence spoken. :) That's exactly how it is in those early days and you're quite right that every hour (or even minute when a crave hits) is a mini-victory. On the flip side, with every hour (or even minute) that passes you become stronger and your arsenal of nic-bashing weapons becomes more formidable.

    You're doing fantasically well mate and we're all here cheering you on. :D

  • Keep going man, you can do this ;) t

    The Chantix makes me ill every day as well so you are not alone in that.

    I'm with Titch, no more standing outside smelling foul in the foul weather!!!

    Ahhh and now your day is almost done yay!!! :D

  • Keep going Lloyd the first week in particular is pretty pants but then there's normally a bit of respite for a few days at least ;) I completely agree with your statement that every hour is a mini victory it definitely is, hope the day is going better for you now x

  • Hang in there! Those first few days are awful! One hour at a time, use anything that will distract and help! Hope your day 3 is better and filled with just as much determination as day two was! :)

  • Hi, just wanted to say I do hope today is a better one got you, yes it is so hard at times, but believe me it will get better for you. If to day is still a difficult one arm your self lots of little boiled sweets or nibbles nice gold water.

    Remember the longer the quit, the weaker the crave:)

    Doing very well. Just keep going.

  • I wonder how is your quitting way. Does it go no-smoking at all?

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