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Last night

Morning all,

So it's day 4 and I'm currently sat on the sofa drinking black coffee, wishing I hadn't done so many shots last night!

Anyway last night, this is the point of the post.

I was dreading going out with the lads, (as I mentioned yesterday smoking and drinking are a match made in heaven for me) but it was my friends birthday and I didn't want to let him down.

We all arrived around 7pm, got a drink and started chatting, playing pool ect, after about half-hour someone started rolling a fag and with that everyone started rolling or getting a cigarette out of their packs, ready to move outside and smoke.

It was nearly time for me to give my 'I've given up smoking' speech, but someone beat me to it!

Tom (probably the heaviest smoker out of us) was questioned about coming out for a fag and he just said 'I don't smoke anymore'.

Turns out he was dreading the night just as much as me, but it was good to chat and I guess support each other. There were 13 of us out last night and 11 smoked, crazy to think us all would've smoked before.

So im hungover, coughing loads and feeling sick, BUT I didn't smoke.

Good luck day 4'ers


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Nice one Rustler and what a result that you weren't alone! How lovely that you have a close friend in the same boat. Even if you hadn't had peer support I think you would have been OK as you were so determined. Now you've done it once it will never be so hard again. Well done you! :D

Tell you what- I'll bet that the 11 smokers were all secretly envying and admiring you & Tom. I wouldn't be surprised if, the next time you all get together, there aren't a few more quitters amongst you. :)


very well done drink and cigs went hand in hand with me I couldn't have done it I avoid booze with the plaque lol xx


" BUT you didn't smoke" :)

Way to go Rustler.....hold on to that really proud feeling that bubbles up inside you when you muster the strength to make it over a hurdle like that. Use the memory of it to help you gallop over the future hurdles. Because that feeling is a million times better than a 2.5 min smoke.

Enjoy a lovely quiet, paracetamolled but PROUD day :)


Love this, and really fairplay to you Rustler, you should feel as proud as punch :) x


Way to go man!!! ;)


Well done. That's probably one of the biggest hurdles you'll face and you got through it. Feel proud!


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