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Hello all

Oh where do I start lol

I gave up smoking 20 days ago today using zyban so guess that makes tomorrow three whole weeks !!!

I've smoked for over thirty years and have never managed to give up for more than two days before . I've tried everything from patches to hypnotherapy from Acupuncture to cold turkey ... So I feel this really is last chance saloon for me

So far the last twenty days haven't been too bad zyban took care of cravings and withdrawal symptoms but now am really into the mind over matter stage am feeling irritated about stuff and then want a fag cos that's what you do when your feeling cross so it's been a bit tricky

I seem to get agitated and don't know if that's the zyban or not smoking ... Has anyone experienced that

Family being a great support and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all on here



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First off Jeminah huge well done you are doing fab mate, it takes alot of guts to quit as you know. quitting after 30 years as a smoker is amazing and you are as you said at the mind over matter stage, There shouldn't be anymore nicotine in your blood. Now it's about your triggers and getting through each one of them, It does get easier trust me, And it is well worth all the effort :)!

Use the forum as much as you need too, everyone here will get you through it :)!


20 days is one fantastic start Jeminah- almost three weeks under your belt already. Well done you! :D

A big welcome to the forum from me too. We're all in the same boat here whatever stage of our quit we're at and believe me, there is no better place to be. Everyone is lovely and you'll find all the advice, support and companionship you could possibly need.

I smoked for over thirty years too and like you, had never managed to get through more than two days until my current (and final I hasten to add :)) quit, so I'm living proof that it can be done (and if I can do it, etc...)

Anyway, very good to meet you and I shall look forward to hearing how your journey progresses.


Hi Jemimah welcome to the forum, and congrats on your 20 days smoke free, sounds like Zyban Is the quit aid for you ;) keep it up xx



Well done on twenty days - or twenty one now hopefully:)

You really have created a solid foundation on which to build a lasting quit.

You will find that the demon in your head will play plenty of mind games in the coming weeks and months, all along the lines of "Look, you've proved you can do it, so have just one and then you can get right back on with your quit as though nothing ever happened." Don't fall for it - every failed quit failed for the sake of 'just one' - even months or years down the line:eek:

Just remember NOPE (not one puff ever) and you cannot fail!


Hi Jem,

A big welcome from the States as well. Sounds like you are off to a fabulous start so keep on going.

Lot's of help here and no worries, as already stated, many of us have had multiple quit attempts. Don't let that discourage you ;)



morning all or good evening for some of you !

great to read so many responses of support ... reading them this morning has given me that extra push to keep going

i have felt for the last couple of days like its a big anti climax ... i don't want to smoke but feel like something is missing all the time

this morning i woke up with tonsillitis (white spots on tonsils) so hurts to swallow or chew

really hate this rushing feeling i get everyday which i assume is the zyban

and speaking of zyban does anyone know if you just abruptly stop at the end of the course of zyban or do you wean off?

thanks all :(


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