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Day 8/9 Week 2

Not sure what day it is but I had my last fag 6am Tuesday 26 August. Sometimes I really want one but it passes after a while. I'm using 1 champix a day any more makes me feel sick. I'm also using a e cig with no nicotine in it cos I realise that's the thing to get rid of

Honesty struggling today but I have no fags so can't do anything about it. Except of course pat myself on the back when this day ends for not caving in and getting used to it cos there will be more difficult days.

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Well done Yvonne- already in your second week which is one mighty achievement! :D

Yes there will be difficult days but you've already shown you have the determination to hold on and battle your way thought them. Just keep re-reading your wonderful list of quitting benefits and tell yourself that the difficult times will pass (and will soon be a distant memory).

Pat yourself on the back indeed because you really deserve it. :)


Your doing great, so sorry to hear your having a difficult day. Fingers crossed you'll be feeling better soon. You've already done fantastically well.


Hey your really making a good impact with your quit, it's just so horrid sometimes when the craves arrive knocking at the door to come in, if I've learnt anything in my continued quit, it is indeed the fact that the longer the quit, the weaker the crave.

Am sure tomorrow will be a better one for you:)

Doing so very well, :)


Hi Yvonne, keep at it, your are doing so well. Cravings will get less and you will feel happier and more positive. Keep posting :):)


Get yourself out for a 20 min power walk and get some air into those improved lungs. It works magic. :D


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