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Nearly a year on

Well I only have 9 days and 21 hours left until I have gone a full year without smoking, I'm not counting the days tho, Not smoking has just become my new way of life and I am really happy with it. I did have a hiccup last year and smoked 20 days into my quit but I started from fresh and I got there in the end. If you do have a hiccup in your quit don't give up, the mind games are not very nice but they are just mind games nothing more.

I had a lot of depression and anxiety before my quit and it has helped them a lot, Although probably not from the not smoking on it's own but the life changes which seem to happen when you replace the yucky habit with new healthier ones and the motivation it gives you.

I wish all the new quitters the very best of luck it's really not an easy journey but it is definitely rewarding in the end. I don't regret one single moment

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What a lovely and inspirational post! :)

Heartfelt congratulations to you. It sounds like you've really turned your life around. You well deserve your place in the Penthouse.

Well done indeed! :D


Fantastic post, particularly that quitting has helped with your depression and anxiety, I too suffer with both of these and unfortunately I have been in that bubble of " a fag calms me down".....I admire tour perseverance and I am so happy to read that you feel better for not smoking xx


Thanks both, DonnaJ I know what you mean about the fag calms me down bit, Took me about 20 'quits' over a year just for something to click and realised it was the fags talking, A lot of headwork to say the least :p

Just keep trying :)


Just wanted to stop by nearly a whole year, I,m sure takes so much determination but you have shown can be done, I do love these posts as they do inspire me to keep going:)

So very pleased for you:)


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