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If I can do it now...


Good morning!

My names is James and today I am going to stop smoking! I've been smoking since I was about 14 i'm now 30. I never was a big smoker (max 10 a day) until about 3 months ago when I moved to Mozambique and the cigarettes are 80p a packet and so Ive been like a chimney! and to be honest I think its done me a favour because i'm actually sick of smoking. The turning point on saturday afternoon watching a couple of football games and I smoked 15 cigarettes in about 6 hours!! I thought this isn't good.

So today i'm stopping and i'm ready (I think) I am Ex Navy and was on the submarines, I used to do 100 day patrols of no smoking with absolutely no problems whatsoever so I know I can do this.

Only Issue the guys I stay with here are big smokers and we live and work together pretty much 24/7 so Im going to have to let the know I suppose so they don't rub it in my face!

Anyway Great forum and I look forward to updating with regular posts on progress!

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Morning James, and a big welcome to the forum from me. :D

It sounds like you're well prepared and ready to go for it and if you have the mind-set you're more than half way there. As you say, if you managed those long sub patrols without craving, you should have a head start. I do think that's brave by the way- I would be so claustrophobic I could never stand it...

I am sure your housemates will be considerate of you (I shall certainly hope so anyway) though it can't be easy when you're in a country where smoking is the norm rather than the exception. However, you sound so determined and committed and I am sure you can overcome all and any obstacles strewn in your path.

Good fortune today and do keep posting. :)

Guys thanks for your kind comments and encouragement

I am very much determined today I want to be able to be proud and say ive stoppped, im planning cold turkey as I think any other way I will just start again.

It was actually easy to stop on the submarine because nobody was allowed to smoke! so no bad influences and no alcohol (for me anyway) as soon as we came alongside though there was literally a queue of smokers running off the casing to have a smoke on the Jetty, me included. I tried to stop then but the excitement of dry land/daylight after 3 months was too much haha. Anyway im about 5 hours into my first day and to be honest I don't know if its because im trying to quit that i'm thinking about smoking so much, or maybe I didn't realise how much I was smoking before today!

The Battle Begins!

Hi James, good luck with your quit. :)

good luck james :D

Good luck James

Consider Here home. I have just celebrated 1 year since I stopped and had it not for this website I would not have made it on my own. I was lucky to have joined a group of quitter and they were my salvation.

Believe in your strength. If your mindset is in place, you have the inner strength. I was a 40+ smoker to cold turkey and had it not been for my mindset, I would not have remained strong. After all this is an addiction we are fighting. But everyone has his/her theory, so go for what works for you.

Be strong count each day as a victory. This is a personal journey, not easy but since you are determined to succeed, you will prevail.

Best of luck


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