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Today is kind of hell

Hello everyone ....While the first week went like a breeze, 2nd week brought lot more more smoker in my company (total 3 now) and this one is big energy sucker too....full of negative energy, criticism, and manipulative and living at such place is not helping at all......I took a cigarette from a pack of them, went outside, walk around for a while but did not smoke...but still after long time...not feeling better at all....****ty it is and ****ty to have such a company, .......yea yea...I need to move out but can not for a while ...need to wait for few weeks .......

really need love from all you folks.....:(


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Hi Rick, Firstly Hi and well done on quitting. It's great that you resisted smoking that cigarette, I know it's hard. I have had a few stressful occasions where I could have easily smoked and wanted to but today I had a major problem and my first thought was NOT I want a fag - so it gets better I promise.

Keep at it and maybe read some older posts on here, that helps I think. Again, well done for getting to week 2 - you are doing so well :)


Oh dear it's just so horrid when all seems to be going wrong, and yes it is indeed so difficult in those early days of our quits, but my word what strength you are showing, by mature the longer ther quit the lees mr NICO will bother you, .

You are doing so very well just hang tight your doing so very well:) so massive congratulations from me.

Remember you are doing this for you, so just keep pushing on, be proud you ar doing brilliant:)


Hope you're feeling better by the time you read this, Rick. So sorry you've had a pants few days. The new colleague sounds like the pits. :(

I suppose the way of looking at it is:

-The new colleague is damaging his/her health and smells yukky. :D

-The new colleague is probably envious of you because he/she has heard you've quit, and being the manipulative type will try to derail your quit.

- Why should you allow a complete pain in the bottom such as the new colleague to sabotage what you have so valiantly achieved?

Stick to your guns, Rick, and the last laugh will be yours I am certain. People like that generally move on pretty quickly....

I shall hope that next week proves to be a better week for you. All the best from me. :)


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