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This is the time!


So I stopped for 4 months using champix, then started again. Then I started using a Vape that lasted for 6 months. Now i'm on the patches! I'm determined. I feel more prepared than ever. I know whats just around the corner and I know what to expect! I've logged back into my account on here for some moral support and to share experiences! For anyone else on day one of quitting or anyone at all thats struggling, lets do this together, one minute, one hour, one day at a time! and kick smoking in the butt! C'mon we can do this!


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A big hello from me, I hope day one is not to difficult, as you know you can do it:)

Please post if any probs arise usually done one around to help:)

Good luck and look forward to seeing your future progress :)

Welcome Zach

You've made the best decision ever in quitting. For some it takes a couple of attempts, but you are clearly determined and will make it work!

Looking forward to following your posts on your journey to freedom from Nicotine! :D:D:D

Have a great day 1, onwards and upwards!

Welcome back Zach, and may this be the final journey. :)

I shall look forward to hearing how it is all going. We shall all be here to provide moral support, praise, advice and fellowship whenever required.

May your day go well and may your quit be a mighty one. :D

Hi Zach, love your positive post! Well done and good luck with your quit :)

Hello zach i'm new to the site and would like to ask you as i see you gave up for 4 months using champix what it was like for you.As i am 2 wees in on them gave up on day 10 so now 4 days without 1 but thinking ahead as to if things will get better :D

Good luck Zach, you got this this time

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