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Just wanted to say thanks


Hi everyone,

I was on this forum alot a year ago, and then in last October I had a family bereavement that sent me a bit...well I don't know! But I became withdrawn and stopped socialising on the internet.

I have kept bobbing back but for some reason didn't feel I could start posting again after a few months of being absent! I was also upset that I'd loss track of how people were doing.

But today it is a year since my last cigerette so I just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone on the forum for their words of wisdom and encouragement in the early days - you got me through some dark times when it seemed impossible, I still remember that first week of no cigarettes so clearly!

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Congrats on reaching the penthouse!

Very well done to you!!!!:D

Well done Abbi - so many of us have succumb to the "just one" thought when so stressed but you gritted your teeth and got on with it. Welcome to the penthouse - enjoy every fresh smelling moment of it ;)

Oh Abbi- how fantastic! So very pleased for you. Sounds like you had an awful lot of stuff to cope with in addition to your quit, so double congratulations for managing to keep going despite all the external pressures.

You put your feet up and enjoy your Penthouse suite won't you? :)

Hi Abbi sounds like you have had a rough ride but you still completed your 1 year here's to the next year, congratulations to you x

Thank you so much everyone for your kind words, it was your encouragement that helped get me here!

Congratulations, penthouse is going to need an extension soon. :D:D:D:D

Hello Abbi and well done :)

Thank you everyone. :)

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