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No Smoking Day
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Hi All

I have joined your forum today.I will introduce myself .

I was a 35 years 20 a day smoker and decided to stop smoking,I tried once it lasted for 4 months but the craving never left my side once so gave in and smoked again.

A friend had quit using Champix I never thought she would quit,so I made a appointment with doctor and in May 12th stated the tablets,

When I first started taking them it was 1 in the morning 1 at night,It made me feel very nausea so started taking it between morning meal.

My quit date soon came it was 1st June.

I quit with other smokers in the house and found I was quite strong willed this time and the craving were mild.

Because we go out a lot I started to forget to take night tablet so decided not to take the night one.

One morning I woke up and sobbed I felt so low what the Flip was happening to me.Anyway that soon left, then the next was my tantrums oh my did I kick off at my poor husband,I did read that these side effects were going to happen,But my quit was working so I was not stopping the pills yet.

The cravings are nothing compared to the last time I tried and I feel so positive that I am not going to smoke ever again.

I cut my 1 pill a day down to 1/2 a day took it for about week an half,then stopped them,

I am now going into three months and can say these pills really do work if you want to quit.

Hope this helps anyone thinking of using Champix.

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Welcome Annie and good to hear your quit is going so well. I did not use Champix but recognise some of the behaviour you describe.

One of the things I've found quite tricky is trying to work out which symptoms are due to the quit and which are just normal life. Don't suppose it really matters just so long as we stay smoke free.:D


A big welcome to the forum from me too, Annie. :)

Many congratulations on your quit. 2 months already, and still going strong! Fantastic. :D

There are lots of other Champix quitters on the forum and I am sure they will be glad to share their experiences with you. Everyone here is lovely and you'll get tons of support and understanding whenever you need it.

Who else in your household has quit? How are they doing?


welcome Annie!

Glad to hear you quit is going well

Really nice people here, loads of support, tips & advice



Hi Annie,

My first day here too, sounds like your doing really well! Congratulations :)


A big hello from m Annie, in to two months , brilliant, please post as you want or need it's just a HUGE SUPPORT NETWORK HERE.

so just keep going, as my mentor says, and you will be free of the nasty mr NICO

So very well done :)


Hi Annie, well done on quitting, I quit on 1st June too, just past the 9 week mark as you have. I have heard lots of good things about Champix and I know others on this forum are using it successfully. I think whatever will help you quit has to be a good thing :)


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