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Coming into month 3!

Just a quick one to let you know i'm still here and going strong!

Thanks to everyone for all their support in the early days this forum really helps, even though I don't post much I do look in every few days to see whats happening!

Time really does fly! can't believe its 61 days already!

Still losing weight but slowly, lost 12lb now cant wait to get to my 1 stone award! hopefully in the next 2 weeks just before I go on holiday and put it all on again! Can't wait for my hols! :cool:

Cut down to 1/2 Champix every other day now and feeling ok which is good.

Life feels very good at the moment, best thing I have ever done! :D:D

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Bev. xxxxx:D

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Month 3, good for you !!


Well done Bev!

Have a great holiday


Well done Bev. Losing weight aswell, fab.

Where are u going on holiday x

Thanks Debbie, we are going to Hong Kong and then Mauritius, been saving up for ages, can't wait!

Bev. xx


That's ammmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaazing. Well done to you Bev. I can see your smiling and in top form. Enjoy your hols and will look forward to hearing from you on here when you get back.



Bev, what a fantastic double achievement! :D Huge congratulations from me on both counts.

You have a fantastic holiday and if you put on a bit of what you've lost, who cares? It'll all come off again once you come home. The main thing is you're in your THIRD smoke-free month and that's wonderful! Nearly a quarter of a year under your belt.

Well done that girl :)


Hi Bev

You are doing so well, great news that you are starting month three, and well done on the weight loss, that's quite an achievement. Your holiday destination sounds great. :)


Thanks everyone....xxxx:D:D:D



I definately think 3 mths is a big milestone.All physical cravings should have disappeared and non smoking re programming kicking in.

3 mths is a turning point,a long way off at week1 but soon attainable,I hope all the newbies take inspiration from this post,brilliant:D


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