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Day 139


Off on holiday tomorrow. First time abroad as a non-smoker. Last year when I went me and my OH basically chain-smoked by the pool and brought tonnes of tobacco home with us. I'm quite worried because there tends to be a lot of beer involved and we are going with my brother and his Mrs and they are smokers.

However, I keep reminding myself that I have been on several nights out with smokers whilst being under the influence and have not given in so there is absolutely no reason why I can't go the whole week. Plus, I will be super proud of myself when I come home smoke-free.

Last year the plane ride was hell, 4 hours without smoking! I remember running off straight into the smoking section when we got there even though my Uncle was waiting for us outside the gate and I hadn't seem him in a year. It seems ridiculous now and I am looking forward to being nice and relaxed, especially as we have been bumped up to business class because our original flight was cancelled!

Plus I have a nice new car to drive when I get back that I don't want to smell like an ash tray so I can't start again anyway.

Hope you all have a good smoke-free week, see you when I get back!


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Wishing you a fantastic holiday!

Its quite horrible thinking bout aprevious holidays as a smoker isnt it - panic about a flight of a few hours, smoking in the stinky "kiosk" things in airports, making sure you have plenty of supplies etc.

Alcohol is for sure a test, but you've already beaten that one and I'm sure you will be fine this time too!

Have a great time


You really deserve a lovely, relaxing holiday Kirstie, and I am sure it will prove to be exactly that. As you say, you've already managed to circumnavigate several boozy nights out so you have all the tools you need to tackle any craves the holiday brings on. I think you'll be fine and I'll bet your brother & his wife will be green with envy (either secretly or openly) of what you have achieved.

Have an absolutely fab time Kirstie and if things do get too much, make an excuse and find somewhere quiet where you can log on to the forum and get some support. Either that or jump into the sea or the swimming pool. You can't smoke and swim simultaneously. :)

Thanks everyone I'm just really nervous, it has been a lot easier since I moved away and made a new circle of friends and had a complete routine change I'm just scared familiar people that I used to smoke with will be trigger and the kind of "eff it" attitude people affect on holiday.

But regardless I know I'll have a great time! x

Hi Kirstie

I hope you have a lovely holiday. I'm sure you won't smoke, not after getting this far. I remember the airport scene as a smoker, the whole start of my holiday was pretty much ruined because I couldn't smoke for hours, and yes I agree, it is ridiculous. I can't wait to try an airport as a non smoker :D

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