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Day 12 - not to be put off - with weight on

Hiya folks

Day 12 is here. Getting on great. Im so thrilled to be talking to y'all and even though times I might not reply to all your comments, all your posts are read with a smile and I appreciate all your input.

Have been somewhat concerned about people worrying about weight gain on this forum. I myself have put on a few pounds too but nothing significant to stress me out about at the minute.

We don't have to work out why the weight goes on do we? Smoking elevates the heart rate so we burn more calories. So we beg to ask a question. What is the calorific difference between someone who doesn't smoke and someone who does (generally bearing in mind they have the same metabolic rate to start with). Folks its around 200 calories. Yes that's all.

Do smokers do less exercise? Well Im assuming they do. Think of all the time we usually smoked during the day. 5 mins here and 5 mins there - well I myself usually smoked between 12 - 15 times a day, so lets say 12 times (minimum times) x 5 mins , that's an hour not taken to elevate our heart rates. So that wee walk in the evening seems a lot more enticing now doesn't it? (to break even with the calories assuming one is eating the same as before).

- - - - - - - - -

Here are some facts I found on the internet....

Non-Strenuous Walking

For a 130-pound person, walking at a moderate pace -- such as walking the dog -- burns 60 to 70 calories per half-hour or 120 to 140 calories per hour. For a 200-pound person, it burns 90 to 100 calories per half-hour or 180 to 200 calories per hour.

Strenuous Walking

For a 130-pound person, walking briskly at a pace of 3.5 mph or walking slowly uphill burns 80 to 90 calories per half-hour or 160 to 180 calories per hour. For a 200-pound person, a 3.5 mph pace burns about 120 calories per half-hour or 240 calories per hour. Walking at a pace of 4.5 mph, race walking or cross-country hiking nearly doubles the amount of calories burned for both groups.

- - - - - - - - - -

If you found the time to smoke back then (to damage your lifestyle), then you can find the time to take a simple walk to (to improve your lifestyle). There has to be some form of commitment and discipline. Look how disciplined we were when we used to smoke. Again, I say, love yourself.

Generally I eat well and my diet is pretty healthy but occasionally like any human, I slip from time to time with the odd chinese, bag of crisps, bar of Aero slipping down the back of the throat is sheer devine chocolate comforting sanctuary. Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmmmmmm. Try not to feel guilty when this happens. Or feel pressurised to go back to smoking just because you have had a bad day eating. Just remember, to put a pound of weight on it takes an over indulgence of around 3500 calories. To work that off isn't easy either. So be careful.

- - - - - - - - - -

Another interesting bit of knowledge I found....

Burning A Pound of Fat

A pound of fat equals 3500 calories. To lose 1 pound a week you will need to burn 3500 more calories than you eat that week. Losing one pound of fat a week is a sensible goal, but it requires burning 500 more calories per day than you eat. You can do this by increasing your calorie-burning activity or by eating fewer calories -- or both. It is easier to achieve it with the combination of increased activity and eating less. Exercising enough each day to burn 300 to 400 calories is a good goal for the exercise portion of a weight loss plan.

- - - - - - - - - -

Do not slip down that slippery slope thinking that smoking is better than putting weight on. You cant replace your lungs but you can certainly take weight off.

Take care for now


Breath free and stay safe.

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Good post Paula. I knew about the 200 calories, I found reading some posts in the health section helpful when I joined the site.

I am gaining weight though I'm trying to exercise more by cycling and dog walking but I'm not concerned - a few more pounds won't kill me (really should eat less:D. And apparently I would need to gain over 5 stone in weight for it to outweigh the benefits of quitting smoking! Well that won't happen so it's all good. :)

I think people stress about it a little when they were already on the heavier side (myself included) and are also suffering with lack of sleep, cravings, anger etc BUT I know those pass as they did for me :)


Helene, I am also menopausal, though I started it about 4 years ago. I think it's harder to lose weight at this point, we'll it is for me anyway. Last year (while still smoker) I joined gym, went few times a week and replaced meals with slim fast, never lost much weight at all, disheartening, which is why I wouldn't want to start smoking again because of weight gain, as for me it seems to happen regardless.


Another member of the menopause gang here ;)

It certainly plays havoc with your hormones, which doesn't help, and women are (I understand) genetically programmed to store weight during/after the menopause especially on the tummy. Poor you, Helene- you do have my sympathy. See what the doc says- it may all be related.

However, please don't be too downhearted. I still say the weight will start to come off when your body has properly reprogrammed itself.

The main thing is that we're all still nic-free :D


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