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Day 55

I am on day 55 today, almost at the door to the next room (over 8 weeks or 2 calender months??) I think I will go with 8 weeks as that is sooner and I love moving to a new room :D

I'm doing ok. Still hardly any cravings and I ran up the 3 flights of stairs to my office this morning :) - then spoiled it by eating a breakfast of Croissant, Fried Mushrooms and Hash Browns :eek: Maybe I should change jobs to where free breakfast and lunch every day is NOT available!

Cycling dropped off a bit in the last week, by the time I get home from work it's so hot and I have no energy (just want to flop in front of the TV - which is why my clothes are getting too small)

I will try harder in the next week to exercise but I'm not going to seriously worry about my weight until I get to six months quit, one thing at a time.

Thank you to all you lovely people for your daily updates, they help keeping me on track :)

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Well done Nicky! :D 55 days is mighty and as you say, you're practically knocking on the door of the next room now.

I very much like the sound of the lovely breakfast. Have forgotten my lunch (a tub of salad still in the fridge at home) and the thought of mushrooms & hash-browns is very tempting. :p


Well done Nicky, 55 days is great!!!!

That lunch sounds lovely, maybe I should consider a career change ;)

Keep up the great quit!


55days WOW Isn't that a wonderful double digit, your going great guns and those days are passing at a great rate of knots.:cool:

TG is right the weight will wait for another day, when your quit is more comfortable

Doing so very well amazing well done :)



Well done buddie!

We are going strong now! I am glad you keep updating how many days you have done coz then I know how many I have done.

Keep up the good work!

See ya in month 3. :D:D:D


I'm pleased you're still here Bev. We'll done to you too :) x


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