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11 Days in

Don't want to speak too soon but I'm 11 days in to this quit and think it just might be starting to fall into place.

Mind you it feels more like 11 years since I started but it's definitely getting better because I'm starting to lose that 'something's missing' feeling or at least I think I am so that's got to be step in the right direction.

Early days, especially for someone with my track record, but just wanted to say that it does get easier - just got to keep it up now.:D


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We'll done Linda!

I'm on day 11 too, and also feel that I'm getting on top of this.

Keep on fighting!



Linda, may your quit be as smooth as it is today from here to Day 111 and beyond. :)

I think TG is right- this is The One...


Hi Linda well am sending lovely positive vibes your way I the hope that this is the final quit for you.

Lovely to read this positive post you know the score just keep going.:cool:


11 days is brilliant! Well done Linda keep up the good work, be 2 weeks in the bag soon enough x


Well done Linda, 11 days is amazing, you can do this :)


oh well done Linda

Loving your positivity. Im much the same as yourself. Each day certainly is getting easier. I can honestly say, my cravings have all but disappeared and the difference between day 5 (where my mood and I were about to kill dead things and day 12 (calm, happy, relaxed, smiling, its also my payday, and I no longer need to spend money on dirty Nic). . . .

. . . . the difference is huge.

Loving life and being alive.


Breathe free and stay safe


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