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Day 11


Day 11

Still going strong, but feeling a bit weird for the last 2 days. Tightness, pain and burning feeling in my chest - wheezing a bit too.

I can believe that lung recovery might not be too nice after me poisoning them for years, but I'm a bit concerned

Not a big fan of googling symptoms as you can easily convince yourself that you have something real nasty.

Anyone experienced something like this? Should I check in at the doctors?

Stay healthy y'all

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Hi Andy

Well done on getting to day 11

that is brilliant :)

what your experiencing is common and will soon pass just remember your body is slowly repairing itself

drink plenty of water to help but if you are concerned please go to see the nurse or doctor just to make sure all is well

Hi Andy

I’m kind of thinking outside the box here. I would think that because we inhaled while smoking which to be honest was a form of deep breathing like yoga, when we quit we tend to not do deep breathing anymore like we were doing previously as a smoker. I would guess our chests find this strange and the muscles in your chest spasm giving you that ‘tight’ feeling. You may find deep breathing exercises done each day may alleviate the symptoms.

Another is the STRESS. Pure and simple, if your anxious or stressed which is exacerbated by your quit, then you chest muscles can get tense which makes you feel like you can’t breathe.

I also don’t want to worry you either, but some people can have underlying conditions which can flare up once your chest begins to repair. Smoking can actually suppress some conditions. ie My colitis issue. (So far I’m ok but its early days yet for me.)

The symptoms you’re experiencing should come and go but usually make take a while to disappear after all when we put things into perspective, how long have each of us smoked? An overnite miracle cure to feeling 100% just after stopping isn’t realistic. If you are really worried then perhaps a visit to the doctor should alleviate some of your fears. No point in adding to your anxiety Andy.

If it’s any consolation I’ve been experiencing some tightness myself, a few days ago I swore when I woke in the morning, some hefty fecker was standing on my chest with his hog nail boots on.

Also I’m sure the years of whatever chemicals we’ve put in there will take time for the body to eliminate from the base of the lungs. Chill. It can get to the stage whereby we always think of the worst case scenario after realising what we’ve actually done to ourselves for years.

Hopefully everything will right itself in due course.

Take care for now comrad


Breathe free and stay safe

Andy, I'm 99% certain you have nothing to worry about. The symptoms you describe are very common quitting symptoms and I was exactly the same. It kicked in with me at the end of the first week and lasted for around 3 weeks after which all the symptoms vanished.

If you're worried, see your GP just to put your mind at rest but I honestly think it will all be down to quitting.

Still going strong- well done mate!! :D

Hi, just to echo others, pop to doctors if your in the least concerned, as we don't have any medical knowledge on here:(:(:( just for reassurance.

But wow doing so very well, I had a few probs and still do with my quit, but nothing will make me want to start again.

Doing fantastic , just keep going :)

Thanks for all the advice & reassurance all. This is what makes this forum so valuable - you lot are great :D

I thought Id put the lungs to the test and went for a 5 mile walk/jog (50/50)

I haven't run in 20 yrs!

Now I can't feel any tightness in my chest, so hope it just a passing symptom

Cant feel my legs either lol

Fag free, running - hahaha Im a born again human being!!! Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this.

Keep strong & healthy

Love ya all


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