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Basically I smoked rollies and only ten a day, and the cheapest disgusting tobacco I could find (student life ha) so I only ever spent about £7 or £8 a week on smoking. I never saw the money start rolling in when I quit like others have because it wasn't like £6 a day on ready made smokes. However, I've just done some working out and as I'm 19 weeks (ish) in I've saved about £150, which I guess is nothing to be sniffed at! It can be spends on my holiday next week.

I hope everyone is having a lovely, sunny, smoke-free week! x

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WOWW-WOW-WOW £150 is indeed a lovely amount of cash, now you wouldn't put that down the drain would you?

Be lovely to have a bit of extra cash, for maybe a little treat, me thinks.

Doing so very well, just keep going:cool:


150 quid is certainly not to be sniffed at! Treat yourself to something nice!

I didnt smoke much as a student either, but it steadily grew. I reckon ive spent in excess of 25 grand on smoking. Shocking!!!!!

Congrats again on your quit, great job



Hi Kirstie

I'm the same, I only spent £8.50 a week (50g a fortnight) as I only smoked 10-12 a day (more when drunk).

The are some pretty good free apps out there for measuring. I have saved over £65 in 7 weeks and the App (Apple one) also states how many cigs you have not smoked and it's surprising how many it is for light smokers. I always proudly showing hubby my app stats :D


I will thanks guys!

@Helene I never thought about it as a percentage of my income. Living off student loans I was on about £50 a week so when you think about it, it is loads!

@Jenny that sounds lovely! I do need to go out shopping and get some holiday clothes, maybe I'll spend a bit more to treat myself this time.


Holiday clothes are obligatory Kirstie ;)

Have a wonderful shopping frenzy and may your holiday be an absolute blinder. :)


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