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I'm still here:D

Hello all! Hope everyone is good!

I've been away a while on my holidays, and I've come back smoke free! Can't believe it, super proud of myself!

I had my moments out there, sitting with drinks in the sun, around smokers, and my will power was clinging by a thread but I didn't have one!

In previous quits 9 times out of ten it would be after a holiday that id failed in my quitting journey! Scratched that hurdle of my list! And the best part was not running to the smoking section for dear life after I got off the plane! :D

I still have a passing crave. Doesn't last long and is easy (dare I say it) to push it aside. I still have bad days but the good is definitely outweighing! I feel good, and I feel confident that this will be my quit that sticks:)

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Wow Laura it's a huge thumbs up from me, doing so very well my lovely, avoiding your triggers is a turning of the corner to success..

Just keep going


Having successfully wrestled one of your main trigger points to the floor I suspect you're well & truly on the road to permanent freedom now. :D

Well done that girl! And very glad indeed that you enjoyed your holiday. :)


Well done Laura if you can do this so early in your quit then other triggers should be easy to overcome! x


Thanks so much guys! :) it was super hard but I made it! I think it will always be a trigger for me, I'm not sure if it will ever go away, but perhaps I'm still early in my quit. Saying that I know I don't want to smoke and I know I can beat the cravings now! It's just passing thoughts here and there! BBQ tonight another trigger, not a cigarette in sight! One month here I come!

P.s max, the smell yuk! :eek:I used to find it strangely satisfying especially in my first week of my quit, I moved away from it the other day! and I got the eye roll and typical ex smoker comment hehe! was rather proud because that said smoker used to be me!


Brilliant. Well done!


Well done Laura for not giving in on Holiday. Great non having to run for the smoking area isn't it :)


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