No Smoking Day
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Good morrrrrrning Vietttttnammmmmm!

Well aint it a battle and a war with our sub-conscious folks. An early night brings a fresh early morning and any nasty evil Nico's to pop up their cravings at me today . . bam bam!!!!! Lol.

Thanks for all your supporting posts yesterday. A fresh day it is and I can honestly say, its a 100% turn around for me compared to last Monday when I remember I didn't feel like going to work, I wanted to hide under the quilt and sleep just to forget the bad feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. What a difference a week makes, eh?

Last night I was at one with myself having felt Id achieved something. Where is my war medal I ask you. Nothing is as it seemed in those first 5 days where I felt numb (didn't know what to be doing with myself), wounded (mouth ulcers, headache, dizzy), panicking (wanting to scream, cry, bite the b**tard that invented the peace pipe), hmmmmmmm. Was it the Indians who created smoking and for what purpose?. I can hear the distant drumming and a chant, a few feathers on the heads of some apache's stomping and strutting their tribal dance around a fire as chief blows circles of smoke into the warm night air. I wonder what miracle cure they used for chest infections from a heavy nights smoking. No filters in a peace pipe. Dear bless them all, I can hear their smokers cough and the wrinkles etched on their faces from a few years pulling on the damned thing. No insults intended here folks, just an imagination that runs away with itself lol. What kind of a cowbody am I to be sucked into chewing tobacco. Yuck yuck yuck. Teeth all discoloured and spitting your guts up. Where they psyched up with nicotine to go to war with the Indians lol

Anyway, im winning my battle. Cupid aint the only one with a bunch of arrows. Twang..... down ye go Evil Nico as I hit another using my bow. To give in now is treason against my lungs and Im damned sure you aint gonna stop me loving myself.

Have your ammunition to the ready comrades!!!!!!! Day 8 . . . bring it on!!!!! Bam!

Breathe free and stay safe y'all


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Hahaha, love it Paula!

What a change in a week eh? From total despair to full on determination.

You are doing fantastic!!! Keep your head held high and be proud of the best decision you have ever made!

With you all the way :)

Have a great healthy day!


Great post Paula :D

I suppose that because they only used tobacco ceremoniously it wasn't on a sufficiently regular basis for them to become addicted to the nicotine. Plus as it was in the form of a pipe they probably didn't inhale much of the smoke. Just a guess anyway.

However, so glad you're feeling better. You may still have the odd bad day (though not necessarily :)) but the trend will all be upwards now. Well done!


Hi, yes mr NICO is well and truly being given the the hard and fast treatment you :cool::cool:

Doing so very well, just keep going :cool::cool:


Well done Paula :D


This post is brilliant! Glad you're feeling better about your quit and please keep these imaginative posts coming. x


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