Day 7

This evening I will celebrate 1 week free of the evil Dr. Nico.

My wife stopped at the same time as me, so we'll treat ourselves to a nice glass of wine :)

We worked out that we will save €3000 per year! Thats a full on holiday for us and our 4 kids, awesome.

Tough going but getting a little easier every step at a time.

Keep on fighting all! This forum really helps me out, thx to you all!:)

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  • Many congratulations to both of you Andy :)

    You're quite right- it is tough going at first- but every day will become a little easier and you'll never regret your decision to quit. A whole week under your belt already and before you know where you are the two of you will be counting in months. That holiday will be a reality sooner than you think!

    Never mind a glass of wine- I think a bottle is in order at least.. :D

  • Im from south west Wales, but have lived in the Netherlands for the last 14 years. Currently visiting my parents in Thetford, Norfolk - this holiday was just the push my wife and I needed to quit, time out of the normal routine. Plus my Dad quit 2 yrs ago after 50 years of smoking, and I'm so proud of him for doing this

  • Really my husband is Welsh and Im going to Norfolk in two weeks. My friend has a caravan there so we are taking our boys there for a break. x

    What a coincidence! Hope you have a great holiday. I like Norfolk, plenty of outdoor things to do with the kids

  • Hi Andy and well done on a week, so amazing the money you can save and a Holiday is a great thing to do to enjoy the money :)

  • Great to read your still going strong, and doing it with such style.

    Just keep going, fantastic to have those first few days under your belt.

    doing a lovely job:)

  • Wow I use to live in Bury St Edmunds for 8 years, I then lived in South of Holland in a seaside places called Noordwijkerhout and met my OH out there who is welsh a Cardiff boy we now live in Tongwynlais just outside of mad is that!! Where do you live in Holland?

    And congratulations on your quit by the way :D xxx

    Lol, thats mad ! What a small world it is. A friend of mine got married not so long ago in Noordwijk - nice area!

    I live in a very small village in the east of Holland, called Daarlerveen - close to the city's of Almelo, Hengelo & Enschede

    Congrats on your quit too! well done!

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