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Day 5 - Oh Crap!


Hi Everyone,

Such a warm welcome and thank-you to everyone for all your very supportive comments.

Today I haven't had any real cravings as such and I am very blessed that my boyfriend is being very supportive and kind around me of late by not smoking and using his e-cig as well. He mentioned last night about not buying anymore and I am a bit concerned of late about him cause he has been coughing every time he has lit up. Last night we also went out to meet a girlfriend of mine (old school friend). She knew I had posted up on facebook about my breathe free pledge and was kind to like it and comment, saying she was thinking about it too. I couldn't believe she offered me a cigarette after we finished our chat and drinks but inside my head I kindly said no thanks but thought . . . how dare you offer me a cigarette to try and sabotage all my efforts. (People, shes not a nasty girl usually but my feelings and emotions are all over the place and think she could have been a wee bit more supportive than to do what she did.) Grrrrrr. Anyway Im not gonna dwell on that, there are more important things to think about.

Yesterday (Day 4) was a bad craving day. I really didn't know what to be doing with myself. Went to work as usual but found my concentration somewhat floundering and somewhat being light headed on more than one occasion.

Today (Day 5) I find myself sighing a lot and really feeling like I want to scream, I feel agitated by no-one doing anything on me, and angry, I mean what is going on. Then my boss comes in and tells me about a mid year bonus Im getting cause our business did so well (that certainly wasn't expected) and that still doesn't make me smile. I politely said "Thanks very much". My boyfriend then calls me to meet for lunch as he knows Im feeling low (the darling) and Im still not happy. Well I could swear too but I think I'll leave that out. This is a messy day. Today I don't want to make decisions, do anything, see anyone. I really don't want to smoke and don't feel compelled to want to either. You know what. Has anyone got any suggestions to making me feel better. To be honest I just feel yuck and gloomy.

Im not using any Nicotine replacement therapy AND Im NOT going to throw in the towel for no love nor money (Ive come this far). Is what Im feeling a panic attack but without the panic attack symptoms. I don't even feel that I wanna smoke so I cant imagine that Im actually suffering badly with withdrawal symptoms since Im not on the verge of wanting a cigarette. What What WHAT!!!!!!

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So sorry Paula your having a trashy day:( these days happen , but you will get through.

Could it be feeling a bit under the weather, coupled with the fact that you are quitting smoking? Maybe see how you feel in a couple of days And pop to doctors if your not feeling a bit better!

But you are doing so very well, nearly a week , now that's just amazing! Hope you have a little treat planned to celebrate your success ?

Hoping you feeling better soon. Please keep us updated .

Lightbulb switches on

Hi Tracey, thanks for your post. Yeah, Im sitting here at work, looking out the window and the grey dismal colour that Im perceiving is doing absolutely nothing for my mood.

I met up with my boyfriend at lunchtime, he was kind enough to travel the distance and then going to collect a prescription for me prior to going to his usual visit to the gym. Im just thinking though, Im tired. I woke up early, didn't get to sleep until after 1am (just couldn't sleep) so perhaps I already have the answer to the way Im feeling, Im actually sleep deprived!!!!!!

Just so horrid those first few days , I feel your pain, but promis it will get easier.:cool:

It's a life time habit , so when we just stop, all sorts happens to our body and mind, it will improve.

Take care :)

lol Aye Titch, just not a very good day. Maybe if I get a snooze I'll feel a bit better. Your last comment made be giggle though. Ha Ha.:) Hey Titch, do you know anything about putting up a photo on the profile. Ive reduced the size of the pic to 100 x 100 pixels but when I go to upload, its comes up with a message "failed to upload". Do I need to maybe change the file extension from .jpg to .img. I dunno. Im no computer expert. Any help from anyone would be great. Ta x

Hi Paula

Sorry to hear about your rough day. Maybe a bath and a massage will help you relax and get a better nights sleep. I agree with others the crappy feelings is just your body re- calibrating and starting the healing process. I am a new quitter too and was quite teary and emotionally a bit all over the shop in the beginning, but it did get better, and continues to do so. Please hang in there.


Seems the photo has been uploaded. Strange though it said failed when I tried the first time. Sorted. :D

Hang on in there Paula. Tomorrow you will feel a bit better, and then the day after too....,.one step at a time.

IVe sleapt really bad too for the first days and that doesnt help at all.....had a good kip yesterday and felt much better today.

I'm finding regular sips of ice cold water is helping me feel a bit fresher

Keep strong, we're all in this together!!!!

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